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Dr. Oz: 3 Tips To Rapidly Melt Your Belly Fats

rapid melt belly fats

Unwanted fat in the belly or belly fat is one of the issues that most of us would like to address not only from the aesthetic standpoint but also as a health concern. Excess fat in our body, not only in the belly, can lead to serious health risks including heart disease and diabetes. Many factors due to the modern …

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Dr. Oz: The 4 Biggest Diet Lies That Keep You Fat!

People are believing lies that are keeping them fat. They will have a hard time losing weight if they continue to believe in following long held dieting misinformation. Dr. Oz explains the biggest 4 lies that keep people fat. Diet Lie #1: Eating Small Frequent Meals Will Boost Your Metabolism Many people believe that eating five small meals a day …

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Dr. Oz: Too Much Sleep Can Lead To “Sleep Drunk”!

We’ve heard the mantra from doctors for years. Americans don’t get enough sleep! That’s what they’ve been telling us, and along with that complaint come the dire warnings about all the things that can go wrong with our bodies because of it. It was something of a surprise then, to hear that for a growing percentage of Americans, the exact …

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Dr. Oz: Can Antibiotics Make You Gain Weight?!

antibiotics can make you gain weight

Antibiotics have long been used to cure certain ailments. Almost everyone uses them even for minor ailments such as flu. Though used as a form of medication, research indicates that it is bringing about weight gain by about 50% as revealed by Dr. Oz which is a definite concern for everyone.

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Dr. Oz: Can Aspirin Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer?

an Aspirin a Day To Keep Cancer Away

In a recent Dr. Oz show, the topic of discussion was the effect aspirin has on both the spread of cancer in your body and reducing the possibility of contracting certain types of cancer. In particular, research supported the positive effects of preventing lung, colon, and breast cancer. This specific show highlighted ovarian cancer. Dr. Oz: Can an Aspirin a …

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