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Benefits Of Pregnancy Exercises!

Pregnancy Exercises benefits

Many women take their pregnancy as an excuse to lie down and eat all day throughout the whole period of pregnancy. Staying active during pregnancy is important as it is for everybody else, with no exceptions. Pregnant women are having body changes that are not permanent, and the best way to have better control over the changes is to stay …

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Dr. Oz: High Doses Of Antioxidant Supplements Can Cause Cancer!

dr oz Antioxidant Supplements

Are Antioxidants Good For You? It is obvious to think that antioxidants are good for us. For years, a lot of research has gone into establishing the beneficial role of antioxidants in preventing cellular stress and damage, thereby reducing the risk of debilitating diseases like cancer. Antioxidant supplements have become very popular recently owing to their ability to prevent not …

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Dr. Jonathan Levine’s Tips To Power Up Your Oral Care Routine?

Dr. Jonathan remains dedicated to caring for his patients, helping them create a beautiful smile, and providing them with the teaching necessary to maintain their oral health. Recently, he sat down to discuss the importance of proper oral health. He also revealed his top tip for powering up your mouth care routine.

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Dr. Oz: Dental Cavities And Filling Options!

dr. oz Dental fillings options

It can be quite a frustrating experience when you think you are doing everything right when it comes to caring for your teeth, only to be told at your annual dental appointment: You have a cavity. As heart breaking as those 4 words may sound, there is hope. It is now time to treat that cavity. Contrary to popular belief …

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Dr. Oz: ‘High-protein’ Diets Could Do More Harm Than Good!

dr. oz High-protein Diets

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Almost fifty percent of the dry weight of every single cell in our body is made up of protein. In order for our bodies to remain active and healthy we need to have proteins in our diet. For years, proponents of some fad diets have been promoting the idea of high protein …

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