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Dr. Oz: OverPrescribed Antidepressants Side Effects and Risks!

Dr. Oz Antidepressants

“Are these many women depressed?” asks Dr. Oz in today’s show. After finding out about the disturbing statistics that 1 in 5 women are turning to anti-depressants for help, Dr. Oz sounded the alarm and investigates if this phenomenon is valid. Use of anti-depressants in the U.S. has sky-rocketed to 400% over the last two decades. Anti-depressants are the third …

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10 Healthy Habits To Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease!

Dr. Oz Healthy Heart habits

For 6 years, it has been Dr. Oz’s mission to convince America that the cure to your heart disease is in your hands. The color red is a significant marker of how healthy you are. How much of it in your daily routine, and how watchful you are of the reds, can be a helpful tool to guide you in …

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Dr. Oz: You Might be Buying Dirty Used Underwear (Lingerie)!

Dr. Oz Buying Dirty Used Underwear

Dr. Oz: How You Blindly Buy Used Underwear/Lingerie Dr. Oz invites investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen of “THE TODAY SHOW” to talk about the retail stores’ dirty secret. They are selling used underwear that you may have already bought at one time or another without knowing it. He talks about how you can know if the lingerie you’re buying has been …

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Dr. Oz Responds To Criticism Of 10 Doctors Who Wanted To Fire Him?

dr. oz addresses his critics

In an episode of Dr. Oz show, Dr. Mehmet Oz addresses criticism of 10 doctors who wrote a letter to Columbia University calling for him to be dismissed as the vice chairman of Columbia’s surgery department. Dr. Oz fired back at his critics saying: ” I’ve long believed a doctor should never fight their battles or each other in public, …

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Glenn Close: How My Sister Recovered From Mental illness?

glenn close and Jessie close

Dr. Oz & Glenn Close: Should You be Afraid of Mental illness! In our culture, it is regarded as a common family secret. An unspoken reality. It’s something that we don’t talk about. So Dr. Oz invited Glenn Close, the famous star of “Fatal Attraction”, to talk from firsthand experience about how her family lived with mental illness, and how …

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3 Major Health Concerns Doctors Want You to Know!

Dr. Oz Major Health Concerns

Dr. Oz: 3 Big Mistakes That You Think Are Healthy! Dr. Oz invited Dr. Joel Fuhrman (author of The End of Diabetes Book) in the show to talk about three big mistakes we are making that we think are completely acceptable and healthy, that in truth we should all be worried about. The doctors are disturbed about these things, and …

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