Dr. Oz: Restart Your Fat-Loss Hormones And Lose Stubborn Fat!

Restart Your Fat-Loss HormonesAccording to Dr, Oz Eating a low fat diet and exercise may not be getting rid of those stubborn fats. Hormones could be the reason for this. In a recent episode, Dr. Oz talked about a way in which one can power plan to reset hormones and help with that stubborn fat that will not go away.

Dr. Natasha Turner (author of The Supercharged Hormone Diet) was a guest on the show, and she explained that it is not about eating less it is about eating foods that naturally putting those hormones where they need to be.

Natasha Turner talked about how she gained more weight even as she cut on their calorie intake and increased her workouts. She explained that as one cut on calories or over exercised, the body releases cortizole which is linked to more body fats and increased craving for comfort food. It also suppresses the thyroid hormone causing thyroid hormone deficiency so when one over exercises more weight is increased. She emphasized that it is not about cutting calories; It is about knowing the right foods at the right time with the right combinations to power up the fat burning hormones.

How does one know that they have a thyroid problem?

Symptoms of hormones imbalance according to Natasha Turner usually look normal and they include those such irritability, food cravings in the middle of the night, difficulty getting out of bed, being hungry soon after eating, boated after a meal, stubborn belly fat fats in hips and thighs. This means that one’s metabolism is not optimized so you need to look at balancing these hormones which comes with weight loss as an added benefit.

Dr. Oz: Power Plan To Reset Your Fat Loss Hormones

Steps to power up fat burning hormones

1) Add a fourth meal to your diet

Three meals in a day mess with hormones that help as save fats. This causes the raising of cortizole due to stress and the sugar drops causing one to eat more thus more belly fat. Eat more food in the following meal more sugar in the blood stream thus more belly fat.

The longer you go between meals the more likely that your body will panic that your body will say its starving, and the stress hormone gets and stores more fat because it does not want to take any chances of starving again. Fat cells will take in more fats and store more save these fats for a long time. Keep the fat cells from opening up by taking in an extra meal. This was made clear through a demonstration by Dr. Oz during the episode. Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up to jump start metabolism.

Eat at the same time very day stabilizes the insulin and keeps your body lower insulin and boost fat metabolism.

2) Eat one starchy carb after 4 pm

It causes the release of serotonin in the body which causes cravings and promotes sleep which in turn promotes burning of body fat. Eating one starchy carb after 4pm is important because

You will not set yourself up for cravings during the day

That starchy carb stimulates the production of serotonin. This hormone improves your mood, memory, focus and sleep. Enough sleep will then release fat burning hormones.

Take a chaser after the starchy meal which should be an acidic beverage for instance tomatoes juice. Taking to Tomatoes juice blocks the release of sugar into blood stream less insulin less fat storage.

3) When eating fruits, go blue for blueberries

Blue berries stimulates the release of the same fat burning hormones as those released when exercising This hormone lowers insulin, boosts metabolism and burns fat. Combine this with exercise; one has better results when it comes to losing weight.

4) Do a hump day cleanse to boost the hormone responsible for building muscle

This is also known as interminate fasting and this stimulates release of growth hormone that builds muscle which is good especially for women. Not taking any solid food for a day in a week and taking 4 liters of cleansing teas instead. Cleansing tea are:

During the day however, one can take nuts in the afternoon and an egg that has been boiled in the morning. Some of the natural diuretics one can take were brought on at the show. One needs a couple of days of hormonal eating two days of clean eating before cleansing.

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