Secrets To Save Money at Grocery Stores, Drug Stores and Online

Grocery Rip-off Relief

Money-saving secretsDr.Oz is advocating proper management of finances to promote holistic wellness, including mental health. He invites financial expert Farnoosh Torabi (author of Live Rich, Even When You’re Not) to talk about how homemakers can save money with groceries. Groceries are a daily staple, so to be saving in this area is a big deal.

Farnoosh says that money alone does not make you happy, but being in control of your finances can help your health. Money and health are intertwined and therefore it is important that we strike a good balance between the two. Money can be a huge stressor when you don’t have enough money. When you’re in deep debt, you can get anxious and fearful. Studies actually show that when you have money in the bank, and just seeing the money sitting there and growing, makes you feel good. So, money doesn’t buy happiness, but seeing it there in the bank, safe and solid, sure feels good.

The Best Day to Save On Groceries

At this point, she reveals when you should go to the grocery store to save the most money. There are a number of retail secrets that people should know about. These secrets are out there, you just have to know where to look. Oftentimes you can befriend the sales staff because these people can help you save money. Sales people in the stores know more than they let on. Just ask them simple questions such as,

  • When does this go on sale?
  • Can I get a discount?

You will soon find out that when you keep on asking these questions in stores, it would usually get you a discount or deal. So, the best time of the week to save on groceries is Wednesday. On this day, groceries across the country will announce their new sales for the week, and this is the same day that they put on sale all the items that they announced the previous week. It is sales bonanza on Wednesdays, also the evenings are a key time. It’s best to shop on a Wednesday night to take advantage of the sales. For instance, you’re in the market for produce, or things with short shelf life, this is the time of the evening to go after work and get those produce because typically they are deeply discounted.

Weigh Tour Produce

Dr. Oz asked for a member of the audience to share her grocery receipt to show the typical things that she buys. This one in particular normally goes to the groceries about once or twice a week and she spends a lot of money on fruits, vegetables and mainly fresh.

Farnoosh advices everyone to break up the bunch. Normally, grocery stores want us to buy as much as possible, so they sell by bunches. They want us to walk away from the store with a whole bunch. If you want to save money, you need to break up the bunch when it comes to bananas, tomatoes and grapes. When you buy produce by the pound, it will save you money, and it will also reduce waste. You will only get to eat what you need.

Grocery stores like to pack it really tight so it makes you think that you have to take the whole pack, but you don’t have to. Take some, weigh it and pay only for what you really need. These stores are also notorious for saying buy 10 apples for 10 dollars, or buy 5 apples for 5 dollars, making it look like it’s a volume discount. So you buy 10 apples thinking that you have saved money, but actually you haven’t. So, if you just want three pieces, they will honor that with the same price for the 10 pieces that they are trying to sell.

Frozen Food Can Be Cheaper

True. And they can be fresher as well. When you buy frozen seafood, such as fish and shrimp, the idea here is to get something really fresh. But frozen is 40% cheaper at the fish counter and here is why. Freezing technology has really improved over the years. When fish is caught it is frozen immediately. They are brought to your grocery store, and frozen with all the nutrients still kept inside. They stay that way until you are ready to prepare them. Now, compare it to the fresh fish which was just staying on ice for who knows how long at the grocery store. So, choosing frozen seafood saves you money and they are often fresher.

Save Money At The DrugStore

In this segment, we learn that using a combination of circulars, coupons, and rewards cards can help us save more than 50% on full price items. However, this is an area where many of us mess up. Drugstores have a little secret, like a drugstore game that they play. It is actually like extra couponing. The drugstore game has three simple steps:
1. Weekly sales
2. Coupons
3. Rewards Cards.

With these combined, you can just spend pennies on the dollar for everyday goods. If you’re good at this game, you will actually make money back in your pocket. As an illustration, here is an example:

  • $ 5.99 Contact lens solution
  • $ 1.99 lip balm
  • Total = $7.98

But when you take advantage of the drugstore secret, here is how it will look like:

  • $1 off sale
  • $2 off coupon
  • $3 rewards cash
  • New total = $1.98

You don’t have to pay the full price. Concerning items that are not on sale, you can find out the circular. They sometimes give $1 sale on contact lens solution, and you can also use your $2 coupon. And if you are a rewards member at the drugstore, you can use your $3 rewards cash. Take every opportunity in using your coupons and rewards cards.

To explain things simpler, there are only two strategies that shoppers need to master:

Strategy 1. Get into couponing to start saving on daily necessities at the drugstore. You can combine coupons and also download the drugstore app. If you’d like to know whatever is on sale that week, they can let you know. You will also know where you can use your where you can use your rewards card, as well as whether there is a cash pack. With these, you are saving more and more. You can save as much as 50% just by using the drugstore app.

Strategy 2. Stack up your savings. Take time to sit before going out and make a game plan. Take your circulars and scan your coupons, and then compare them to make sure that what you’re getting is at the lowest possible price. The couponers creed is, “buy it now when it’s cheap or free. So you don’t need to pay full price when you do need it. You can save up to 60% just by couponing.

Act Fast When Shopping Online

Here are Farnoosh’s favorite money saving secrets while online shopping. First, always search for online coupon codes before you checkout. Just type the name of the store, plus the coupon code and free shipping code, if there is. Second, use online deals as leverage offline.

For example, she was on Twitter and she saw a beautiful coat originally priced at $1,000, and she actually got it for $99. The secret is: ACT FAST. The internet is a vast sea of discounts if you know where to look.

Moreover, there is one clever strategy that an audience member shared. She is a procrastinator. She enjoys online shopping but she waits. Her secret is: abandon your online shopping cart for a possible discount offer from the store. She just puts the items on her cart and they always email her, offering a much lower price. They usually email a coupon, hence, saving you money.

There are many ways to manage your finances wisely. You can still get your daily necessities at a much lower price when you know how to play your cards. If your money is managed well, then you can enjoy a much happier life.

Learn more money-saving secrets in Farnoosh’s Book: You’re So Money: Live Rich, Even When You’re Not

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