Dr. Oz’s Simple Solutions For Your Knee Joint Pain

How To Keep Your Joints Pain-Free?

Dr. Oz's Joints Pain solution

Around 70 million Americans a year complain of joint pain. The knee is the most important joint in the body, and it is also the most likely to get injured. Dr. Oz took a viewer into a morgue and showed her what an arthritic knee looks like on the inside. She commented that what she had never realized was that everything in the body was connected and affected other parts. Dr. Oz explained that if you keep the muscles around the knees strong, they will be able to take the force of your body weight.

At one point, Dr. Oz was meant to have knee surgery, but he wanted to give alternative medicine one last try. He went to Orthopedic Physical Therapist Peggy Brill, and she was able to give him some simple solutions for his pain. He was able to avoid surgery, no longer has any pain, and is athletic and active. She appeared as a guest on the Dr. Oz show and explained that all the muscles that go across the hips and feet also go across the knees, so they affect the level of pain or comfort in them.

Strengthening Your Hips

The Gluteus Medius (the muscle on the side of the hips) needs to be strong and fit in order to keep the knees from wobbling and feeling pain. The body needs to be aligned and balanced, the weak muscles strengthened, and the loose muscles tightened.

There is a simple exercise that can be done to strengthen this muscle, and it is so easy that it can be done in bed before you get up in the morning. Lie down on your side, and put your heels together. Then, lift your top knee up and down, doing this fifteen or twenty times. You should feel the muscle in your hip moving if you are doing the exercise correctly.

The Iliotibial band is the muscle that runs down the side of your upper leg. Sometimes, this muscle can become quite tight, and needs to be loosened up. Using a yoga roller on the floor (the big foam cylinder), roll back and forth along the muscle. If your muscle is tight, this will feel a bit tender. If you do not have a roller, you can use a rolling pin and roll it along the muscle.

The Feet

The foot is consists of 26 bones which make up the fore-foot, the mid-foot, and the rear-foot. If any part of the foot is not working properly or is stiff, then the whole foot can become unstable and affect the knees. This means that the transference of body weight will cause pain. There is a simple exercise that can be done to help fix this problem.

While keeping your toes relaxed and putting more of your weight on the back of your foot, make an arch underneath your toes. Make sure you are not curling your toes, as you want to exercise the mid part of your foot. You should be able to feel the doming effect in your foot if you are doing this correctly.


Every joint in the body can be affected by inflammation. Dr. Brill explained that every cubic centimeter of inflammation in the knee cuts down 1% of muscle activation. Having 10% reduction (which is quite common) shuts down your muscles and leads to them not being able to generate power and deteriorates their ability to absorb the impact from walking, or protect your knees.

To reduce inflammation, it is best to use something that can be localized and does not have to affect the whole body. Using ice, or frozen vegetables is the best option, as this can be wrapped up in a pillowcase a couple of times to avoid frost on the body. Using frozen peas or corn will allow you to wrap the cold area around your knee.

Omega 3’s

Dr. Oz has mentioned that Omega 3’s are good for the brain and the heart, but recent studies have been showing that it can also reduce inflammation and stiffness. Omega 3 works by slowing down the process of inflammation in the joints. Dr. Oz recommends taking Move free Ultra Omega, as the study shows that this Omega power formula provides twice as much Joint comfort in one small pill compared to Glucosamine & Chondrotin tablets.

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