Dr. Oz: Speed up Your Metabolism Diet in Just 28 days

‘Fast metabolism diet’ was the topic covered by Dr Oz in his recent show and it was a timely review of how foods can be used to lose fat when most of us are trying to cut down on calories in our diet to reach our desired weight loss objective. ‘Metabolism’ is the big word now and he touched on the right topic just about the right time. So many of us are trying to boost our metabolism in so many different ways because a slower metabolism tends to pile up on fats instead of burning them.

Dr. Oz’s Fast Metabolism Diet Plan

Dr Oz invited to his show Hailey Pomroy, nutritionist and author of “The Fast Metabolism Diet and Cookbook” who claims that her new approach can help shed 20 pounds in 28 days. So why is that most people cannot reach their weight loss goals? why is our metabolism dysfunctional? Hailey’s answer was simple. “For so many years we have done chronic dieting, deficient foods, there is just so much pressing stress..” she sounded like we are on a wrong diet with regard to our metabolism. “Our bodies, especially women bodies go through cycles, and hormones and menopause affect their metabolism in a complex way”, she said and therefore a ‘roller-coaster’ approach would be the most appropriate instead of a steady one.

Dr Oz explained that eating less foods to burn off fat may not work for everybody since, body recognizes that as a signal to conserve energy during starvation and slows down our metabolism leading to more storage of fat in our bodies. Hailey’s approach on the other hand does not cut down on foods, rather confuses the body and metabolism. Different kind of foods every 2 to 3 days actually spikes up the body’s capacity to burn more fat without compromising on nutrition.

Monday & Tuesday: Eat Carbs That Calm Adrenals

  • 1 Cup of whole grain carbs at every meal
  • Eat 2 high Glycemic fruit snacks each day
  • Add lime on top of fruit to lower inflammation

the fast metabolism diet‘Cortisol’, a stress hormone secreted from adrenal glands is one of the biggest contributor to slowing down our metabolism and increase belly fat. This hormone is secreted when we are under chronic or acute stress and many of us do encounter stress as a component of our daily lives. Carbohydrates, specially the complex ones as she discussed, can calm our adrenal glands. Hailey’s plan for a week of fast metabolism diet starts off with two days of splurging on carbs. She wants the body to be nourished with B vitamins present in complex carbohydrates in a way she calls ‘thermogenic burn’ lowering the body’s natural desire to store energy.

She recommends one cup of whole grain carbs at every meal for Monday and Tuesday choosing from white rice, brown rice or quinoa. Oatmeal and berries can be a good breakfast and yes, she emphasized, no more counting the calories. We can eat as much as we want. Next is to eat two high glycemic fruit snacks each day for those two days. We can choose from berries, pineapple, mango, papaya or similar fruits. Adding lime on top of fruits can help lower inflammation. This two day enriching and ’empowering’ the body will usher in the next two days of protein rich and carb free muscle building and fat burning phase.

Wednesday & Thursday: Eat Proteins To Burn Fat And Build Muscle

  • No carbs from fruits or grains
  • Every meal 4-6 oz of meat and unlimited veggies

During these days we are going to eat a lot of proteins and vegetables. Every meal should consist of 4 to 6 oz of meat and a lot of veggies. This is important since, if we don’t balance our proteins with alkaline vegetables, our body will have hard time breaking down the proteins into amino acids. This high protein-no carbs approach for two days will help mobilize ‘historical’ fats that are stored in our bodies for a long time, to burn.

Friday – Sunday: Eat Healthy Fruit To Burn Fats

  • Combine carbs, protein and healthy fats into every meal
  • No carbs at lunch

The last three days of the week, Friday through Sunday is actually for us to eat healthy fat to burn fat. Dr Oz called it “fat loading to loose fat”. It sounds paradoxical, however, this is a critically important part of Hailey’s diet program. Since, we need fat as building blocks of our body because many of our hormones are derived from fat – estrogens, progesterones to name only a few. Many of us suffer from ‘hormone based weight loss resistance’ because we don’t nourish our body with the fats we need. At this step the complex carbs also come back to our diet. Hailey reasons that taking away the carbs for more than two days can make people carb resistant. Meals have to combine fat, protein and carbs with primary emphasis on fat on these three days. Avocados, peanut butter, almonds and all kinds of healthy fats should be consumed without worrying about weight gain.

This approach refrains us from counting calories, we can fall in love with food again thus getting into a relaxed state of mind and promoting body’s natural desire to burn fat. Hailey’s program relies on confusing our body into getting on a fast metabolism mode instead of depriving our body of essential nutrients and food. However, revving up of metabolism may occur differently in different body types. Dr Oz reviewed specific foods that may help people with certain body types to loose fat in specific areas of their body. People who are ‘big around the middle’ are sensitive to stress and may benefit from amino acid Tryptophan.

Turkey is known to have tryptophan but better sources are beans, fish like salmon, tuna and shrimps and also cacao nibs. Tryptophan helps to calm down anxiety and lower down stress levels thus it also helps to sleep better, one of the natural ways to minimize stress. People who are ‘big on the bottom’ generally has more estrogen. They could benefit from foods that are high in fiber because fiber flushes out excess estrogen. Chia seeds, fruits like apples, raspberries are high in fibres as is good old oatmeal. People with ‘big arms’ especially women are the ones who tend to have high blood sugar. They can benefit from having high protein foods that effectively control their blood sugar. Particularly beneficial would be whey protein powder, which could be their ‘fast metabolism fuel’ for weight loss.

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