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Dr. Oz’s No-Pill Pain Solutions

Dr. Oz No pill Busters

The way a person deals with their pain will often determine how they heal, and even cope with the pain. Dr. Oz believes that society has gotten into the habit of reaching for pills the moment they feel pain – there are other alternatives that should be considered before popping pain medication.

Cold Laser Therapy

70% of the population will experience neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain can present for many different reasons, including: texting or using smartphones, staring at computer screens, sleeping in the wrong position, and especially stress. Steven Shoshany, a Chiropractor, appeared on the Dr. Oz Show to demonstrate Cold Laser Therapy, a new pain solution and in-office procedure currently being used in his practice. The treatment is a low-level laser therapy that reduces inflammation and the pain associated with it.

The procedure consists of shining a laser on the affected area, while the patient slowly goes through a range of motions. These exercises increase the surface area covered by the lasers and affects the muscle groups surrounding the area. The treatment lasts around five to ten minutes and improves the blood flow to the painful area. By improving muscle elasticity and improving overall pain responses, it decreases the dependency of pain medication.

Cold laser therapy helps patients get better, faster. There is no pain involved in the procedure, and there are no side effects. All types of neck pain and stiffness can be treated this way, and even though some patients feel results after the first visit, it generally takes three to five visits to feel results.

Chronic neck pain is caused by posture, and what you do all day, so repetitive motions or staying in one position for long periods of time should be avoided. Take frequent breaks throughout the day and be aware of how you are positioned while sitting; making sure that your knees stay lower than your pelvis, and that your feet are in contact with the ground. Don’t strain at computer monitors for hours, and make sure to stretch often. Sleep with support, but don’t use too many pillows. Always try and keep the natural curve of your back and, if you sleep on your side, try to keep your neck straight with your sternum.

The “No Pain” Diet

Dr. Oz stressed that science supports using food as medication, and Ashley Koff, Nutrition Expert, confirms that most medication comes from what we know about food. There are certain types of foods that can help with joint pain, headaches, and back pain. Like any medication, they have appropriate doses. Instead of having side effects, however, they have side benefits. By spending more money on high-quality, fresh foods, you will end up spending less money on over the counter pain medications.

Joint Pain

Dark cherries work like aspirin, or other anti-inflammatory drugs. They have phytonutrients, directly linked to their color, so the darker the cherry, the better for you. You can use frozen or fresh cherries, and should eat a dosage of twenty per day. If you have to use juice, use a smaller quantity (since juice is so concentrated), and be careful with how much sugar or fructose you are drinking. Click here for Dr. Oz’s Solutions for Joints Pain


Tahini, a paste made from crushed sesame seeds, is a muscle relaxant. It works on brain chemistry, as well as muscle spasms. Around fifty percent of people who suffer from regular headaches or migraines are magnesium-deficient, and tahini is a very rich source of magnesium. A daily dose of two tablespoons can be spread on toast, or, if you are suffering from both joint pain and headaches, try dipping dark cherries in tahini. Be aware of how much tahini you are eating, as it is high in fat.

Back Pain

Papaya enzymes are very popular for digestion and other health benefits, but eating the whole fruit has even more benefits. The flesh of the papaya is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C and works intensely on back pain. The antioxidants that are present in the flesh shutdown inflammation and reduce muscle stress. Frozen or fresh fruit can be eaten, and a daily dosage of one cup of Papaya per day is recommended.

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