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6 Health Myths About Summer Busted!

Pee on a jellyfish sting

You can enjoy a great summer when you realize that most of the things we grew up believing are just plain myths. In this episode, Dr. Oz clarifies once and for all what are popular summer myths and what aren’t. Myth #1: “You should wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming.” Tom O’Neill is a national lifeguard champion who is …

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How Tom Bokaw Overcame Myeloma Cancer?!

Mutiple Myeloma Cancer

“CANCER of the Myeloma: Why Not Me?” Journalist Tom Bokaw kept daily journals during his battle with cancer. Those journals became the basis of what is now his book entitled, “A Lucky Life Interrupted: A Memoir of Hope”. In today’s show, he talks about beating multiple Myeloma. And he also describes the symptoms that provoked him to visit the doctor. …

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3-Day Detox Cleanses for Weight loss, Clear Skin and Energy Boost!

Dr. Oz's Best 3-day Detox Cleanses

Best 3-day Detox Cleanses for Every Health Goal How do you know which one really works for you? We hear about cleanses all the time. They promise your weight loss, glowing skin and instant energy. But in today’s show, Dr. Oz gives us his top three picks and they are the best health cleanses for every health goal. His ranking …

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Dr. Oz: Shocking Beauty Industry Secrets & How To Outsmart Them?

Dr. Oz: Cosmetics Choices Must Include Smart Choices The multi-billion dollar cosmetic business is not delivering on their promises. Two beauty insiders reveal shocking inside information about leading beauty products that we trust. Maybe we should listen to their revelation and take a step back before we shell out another dollar on cosmetic products. The cosmetics industry is making big …

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Dr. Oz: 3 Steps To Eliminate Microwave Odor in Few Minutes!

eliminate microwave odor

How To Eliminate Microwave Odor? To eliminate any bad odor or smell in your microwave, you simply need these 3 things: Quarter Lemons 1 cup of water Microwave Safe Dish Directions: Put 4 quarters of lemons and a cup of water in a microwave safe dish Microwave for 1 minute or more Leave in Microwave for several minutes Additionally, you …

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Dr. Oz’s Natural Anti-aging Breakthroughs: Collagen, Vitamin B3, Bearberry And Epsom Salt!

Dr. Oz's Natural Anti-aging Breakthroughs

Aging is a natural process that takes away the beauty of youth. However, with the right attitude and the Dr. Oz anti-aging guide it is possible to reverse this natural process. There are a number of natural and inexpensive solutions that one can try courtesy of this guide. Sharon Giese, MD (cosmetic plastic surgeon) was a guest on Dr. Oz …

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Dr. Oz: 3 New Anti-aging Pills To Make You Look Younger!

Today you can pop a pill if you want to look younger. No matter your age, there are three different options to choose from for people who have varying ages that they want to reverse the effects of time on. What might be the best part above all else is that the pills are not expensive. In a recent episode …

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Dr. Oz: High Doses Of Antioxidant Supplements Can Cause Cancer!

dr oz Antioxidant Supplements

Are Antioxidants Good For You? It is obvious to think that antioxidants are good for us. For years, a lot of research has gone into establishing the beneficial role of antioxidants in preventing cellular stress and damage, thereby reducing the risk of debilitating diseases like cancer. Antioxidant supplements have become very popular recently owing to their ability to prevent not …

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