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10 Healthy Habits To Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease!

Dr. Oz Healthy Heart habits

For 6 years, it has been Dr. Oz’s mission to convince America that the cure to your heart disease is in your hands. The color red is a significant marker of how healthy you are. How much of it in your daily routine, and how watchful you are of the reds, can be a helpful tool to guide you in …

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Total Choice Rainbow Bean Salad Recipe

Fiesta Bean Salad recipe

Packed with colors, flavors, as well as nutrients, the Rainbow Bean Salad would be a perfect meal for picky eaters. Rich in an assortment of greens, its nutritional benefits are great for children as well as adults. This recipe is full of vitamins and fiber, it can protect against colon cancer, heart disease, inflammation and vision problems. Eat this recipe …

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Total Choice Salmon Salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipe

Total Choice Salmon Salad

Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, thus making this an excellent substitute for poultry. Add all the healthy natural ingredients and you will be getting one power-packed meal or snack – if you are so inclined. This salmon salad is full of niacin, protein and vitamin B12 hich helps keep your body’s nerve healthy. Enjoy this recipe …

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The Detox Prescription: 3-Day Detox Diet Smoothie Drinks

The Detox Prescription: 3 Day Cleanse

Dr. Woodson Merrell and Dr. Oz present a 3-day detox cleanse (The Detox Prescription) that will help you lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and inflammation aswell as help you lose some inches of weight.

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Dr. Oz’s “Lentil Veggie Soup” Recipe

Lentil Veggie Soup

Dr. Oz’s lentil veggie soup is rich in glycemic veggies and lentils. It is a perfect recipe for both heart health and weight loss. Glycemic veggies: help control your blood sugar lentils: rich in vitamins, fiber and protein Here is how to prepare Lentil Veggie Soup: Ingredients 1 tbsp chopped garlic 8 cup veggie broth or water 3/4 lb rinsed …

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Benefits Of Pregnancy Exercises!

Pregnancy Exercises benefits

Many women take their pregnancy as an excuse to lie down and eat all day throughout the whole period of pregnancy. Staying active during pregnancy is important as it is for everybody else, with no exceptions. Pregnant women are having body changes that are not permanent, and the best way to have better control over the changes is to stay …

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Dr. Oz: The Best 5 Winter Drinks

Dr. Oz provides you with healthy answers to your health problems. Every solution provided considers your well being. Dr. Oz provides shares some of his favorite winter drinks that are healthy for you.

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Dr. Oz: Reduce Your Risk of The (Deadly) Pancreatic Cancer!


Cancer is perhaps the deadliest disease humans are battling for centuries. Of the different forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer is the most invasive and of poor prognosis. Thanks to the advances in modern medical research, there are more survivors from breast and prostate cancer now than ever. Nevertheless, pancreatic cancer remains one of the greatest killer diseases of ....

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