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4 Tricks To: Prevent Painful Waxing, Lower backpains, Reduce hormonal Headaches and High-Heels Blisters

Woman Problems

“Feminine Solutions to #WomanProblems” Dr. Oz is dedicated to helping any problem that you may be facing that may have an effect on your overall health. So, today he will help you deal with your most irritating #womanproblems. He will reveal to us the ultimate pain free guide to remedy the annoying everyday #womanproblems. We all know that women are …

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How Tom Bokaw Overcame Myeloma Cancer?!

Mutiple Myeloma Cancer

“CANCER of the Myeloma: Why Not Me?” Journalist Tom Bokaw kept daily journals during his battle with cancer. Those journals became the basis of what is now his book entitled, “A Lucky Life Interrupted: A Memoir of Hope”. In today’s show, he talks about beating multiple Myeloma. And he also describes the symptoms that provoked him to visit the doctor. …

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Whole30 Meal Plan: How To Lose weight Eating Whole Foods For 30 days?

The Whole30 meal plan, also known as the 30 day viral health plan is meant to change the way you live for the purpose of losing weight and experiencing all the additional benefits. The idea behind this plan is that you have to eat only real whole nutrient dense food..

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Videos: Joel Harper’s (5-Minute Routine) Workouts For Arms, LowerBack, Butt, Thigh And More!

Dr. Oz: Fit in Five Workout Series Joel Harper, (Dr. Oz’s personal trainer and author of Joel Harper’s Firming After 50) has put some fast and effective workout series to release tension, improve balance, and get your body on the right track. The Fit in five workout series works on your arms, chest, lower back, thigh, butt and each exercise …

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Dr. Oz: 3 Foods That Help To Fight Pain

Pain is a deeply unpleasant experience, but as well as the horrible experience of the pain itself it can also trigger excessive eating of unhealthy foods. Many people who are in pain start eating poor diets, increasing their intake of things like sugar, fat and more.

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Dr Oz: Pain Most Doctors Don’t Know About (Fibromyalgia)

Fibromyalgia symptoms and treatment

Dr Oz covered one of the most commonly encountered and misrepresented medical condition 'Fibromyalgia' in his show titled, "Disease doctors miss most". One in every six million people are currently suffering from this condition.

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Dr. Oz: Stop Your Pain Naturally With No Pills

Dr. Oz's No-Pill Pain busters

The way a person deals with their pain will often determine how they heal, and even cope with the pain. Dr. Oz believes that society has gotten into the habit of reaching for pills the moment they feel pain - there are other alternatives that should be considered before popping pain medication.

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Dr. Oz: How Krill Oil Can Improve Your Health!

Dr. Oz Fish oil vs krill oil- New Omega 3 supplement

Omega 3 has shown many benefits for improved health. It has the ability to increase brain performance, helps people with depression, helps those that suffer from pain and inflammation, stops menstrual pain and cramps, decreases the chance for a heart attack or stroke and even improves cardiovascular health.

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