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4 Tricks To: Prevent Painful Waxing, Lower backpains, Reduce hormonal Headaches and High-Heels Blisters

Woman Problems

“Feminine Solutions to #WomanProblems” Dr. Oz is dedicated to helping any problem that you may be facing that may have an effect on your overall health. So, today he will help you deal with your most irritating #womanproblems. He will reveal to us the ultimate pain free guide to remedy the annoying everyday #womanproblems. We all know that women are …

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How Peanuts Decrease Heart Disease! + How to Reverse Liver & Skin Damage?!

Peanuts for heart health

Dr. Oz: How Peanuts Can lower Your Risk of Heart Disease? Some things are just worth knowing because they can potentially change your life and Peanuts is one of those things. There are some food in our kitchen that we take for granted, or worse, we are so misinformed that we thought it’s bad stuff when in truth it’s not …

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Total Choice “PB&J Breakfast Smoothie” Recipe

Dr. Oz PB&J Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

This sweet smoothie will help give you an extra boost of protein, fiber and nutrients in the morning with out all of the extra carbs and sugar. This treat can also be enjoyed on the Total Choice 1600-calorie plan. Dr Oz: PB&J Breakfast Smoothie Recipe The following ingredients will be needed for this recipe: 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond …

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Total Choice “Blueberry Banana Oats” Recipe

Blueberry Banana Oats recipe

This is a breakfast option that can be made in just minutes and can also be enjoyed on the Total Choice 1600-calorie plan. Blueberries are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C, and banana helps add a creamy texture to the oats. Dr. Oz: Blueberry and Banana Oats Recipe: The following ingredients will be needed for this recipe: 1/2 cup …

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Total Choice “Banana & Peanut Butter Muffin” Recipe

If you happen to have a sweet tooth, this recipe would be the perfect lunch or breakfast to get you in the mood for work. By using all natural peanut butter, you will be getting a good source of healthy sugar, niacin, as well as manganese. Enjoy this recipe on the Total Choice 1200-calorie plan. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich …

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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Purple smoothie Recipe

Dr. oz Total Choice Purple smoothie

This is a perfect option for anyone looking for a cold, sweet and filling breakfast smoothie. This simple quick recipe contains healthy fruits and will delight your taste buds while providing exceptional sweetness. Eat this recipe on the 1200-calorie Total Choice plan. Ingredients One quarter cup fresh or frozen strawberries Half cup fresh or frozen blueberries One ripe banana Half …

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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Quickie Banana Steel Cut Oats Recipe

Total Choice Quickie Banana Steel Cut Oats recipe

The Total Choice Quickie Banana Steel Cut Oats is another recipe by Kristin Kirkpatrick (registered dietitian and Wellness Manager for Cleveland Clinic). This meal requires preparation a night before, however the oats will be perfect to grab as you walk out the door. You can eat this for breakfast in the morning as a part of the Total Choice 1200-calorie …

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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Diet Plan (Customized Meals For Weight Loss)

the total choice diet plan

Dr. Oz Presents the Total Choice Diet Meal Plan Dr. Oz has launched a total choice meal plan that is meant for everyone who wants to lose weight. You will be able to fully customize meals specifically for weight loss. The plan has been specifically made to be hassle-free. There are more than 100 meal options, each of them having …

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