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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Stir-fry Chicken Asian Style Recipe

This delicious dish take only minutes to prepare, yet it is loaded with fiber and protein. Ah! who doesn’t like stir-fry? the answer is obvious and the good news is you don’t have to go out for take-out because you can prepare this flavor explosion right in your own kitchen. All it takes is a few simple ingredients and your …

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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Diet Plan (Customized Meals For Weight Loss)

the total choice diet plan

Dr. Oz Presents the Total Choice Diet Meal Plan Dr. Oz has launched a total choice meal plan that is meant for everyone who wants to lose weight. You will be able to fully customize meals specifically for weight loss. The plan has been specifically made to be hassle-free. There are more than 100 meal options, each of them having …

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Dr. Oz: All-Natural Chronic Pain Treatments – For Headaches, Back pain, Menstrual Cramps And More!

All-Natural Chronic Pain treatments

For anyone who struggles with chronic pain, finding relief is a constant battle. Many of the readily available painkillers are not effective or safe to take in the long term. Also, stronger prescription painkillers may be effective but can have serious side effects and be addictive when taken for longer periods of time. For many people, their struggle with chronic …

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Dr Oz: All-Natural Breakthroughs To Reduce Your Risk Of Ovarian, Liver And Breast Cancer!?

Cancer is the most dreaded disease of the modern world with more than one hundred years into cancer research, there is still no cure in sight. Although there are more cancer survivors now than even a few years back, the reason could be attributed to early detection and prevention. Cancer being a complicated disease, the search for a cure could …

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Stress Fighter: Honeyed Chinese Chicken Breasts

Dr. Oz show: Dr. La Puma's Stress Fighting Honeyed Chinese Chicken Breasts Recipe

Dr. La Puma prepared this tasty chicken breats, this recipe is a stress-fighter, because chicken has ingredients that decrease stress and anxiety, and the major ingredient in bonito broth, oyster sauce enhances the circulation of blood, reduces fatigue and helps improve your mood.

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