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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Baked White Fish with Chips Recipe

This delicious dish is made with flaky white fish and is high in vitamins B12 and B6. Yet, healthy will be the last thing on your family’s mind once they get a taste of this mouth-watering delight. The delicate and flavorful white fish will virtually melt in their mouths as they smile with unbridled delight. Dr. Oz: Baked Fish and …

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Dr. Oz: 5-Minute Solutions To Enhance Your Memory!

Dr. Oz brings US memory champion Ron White to share some tips and foods to help enhance and strengthen your memory. Watch this video as Ron White shares some of his favorite brain-boosting strategies.

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Dr. Oz: 9 Anti-aging Tips To Erase Your Age Mistakes

Dr. Oz Mistakes That Age You Fast

There are things that we do everyday that prematurely age us. Dr. Oz reveals that things like energy drinks, tap water and cellphones Tap water, energy drinks can all age you faster than you imagine.

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Dr. Oz: Rachael Ray Transforms the Summer BBQ

Rachael Ray on Dr. oz show

Rachael Ray appeared on the Dr. Oz Show to share her healthier summer BBQ and cocktail recipes. These recipes can be used to replace some of the older favorites, that are much higher in calories and fat.

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Dr. Oz Show: Kale Chips Recipe

Dr. Oz Kale chips Recipe

Replace those empty calories in the potato chips with high vitamins kale chips. Kale is a healthy nutritional supplement that is loaded with vitamin-A, vitamin-C, vitamin-K, fibers and manganese

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