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Dr. Jonathan Levine’s Tips To Power Up Your Oral Care Routine?

Dr. Jonathan remains dedicated to caring for his patients, helping them create a beautiful smile, and providing them with the teaching necessary to maintain their oral health. Recently, he sat down to discuss the importance of proper oral health. He also revealed his top tip for powering up your mouth care routine.

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Dr. Oz: Dental Cavities And Filling Options!

dr. oz Dental fillings options

It can be quite a frustrating experience when you think you are doing everything right when it comes to caring for your teeth, only to be told at your annual dental appointment: You have a cavity. As heart breaking as those 4 words may sound, there is hope. It is now time to treat that cavity. Contrary to popular belief …

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Dr. Oz: Reduce Your Risk of The (Deadly) Pancreatic Cancer!


Cancer is perhaps the deadliest disease humans are battling for centuries. Of the different forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer is the most invasive and of poor prognosis. Thanks to the advances in modern medical research, there are more survivors from breast and prostate cancer now than ever. Nevertheless, pancreatic cancer remains one of the greatest killer diseases of ....

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Dr. Oz’s Helpful Tips: $5 Home Remedies

Dr. Oz's Home Remedies & helpful tips

Canyon Ranch and Dr. Oz strike out many of the biggest medical institutions across the world seeking quick fixes for the most popular problems and their remedies. Discover how to treat bad breath, relieve your back pain and clear your skin (All for less than $5)

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