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Dr. Oz: How Ractopamine Affects The Pork You Eat!

Ractopamine, feed additive in pork

How Ractopamine (feed additive) affects pigs and the pork we eat! If you knew how your food is produced, then surely you would make different food choices. Dr. Oz discusses a food issue that would help you make good choices. Some farmers in America are raising pigs using a drug that is banned in many countries. In this episode, you …

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Medical Marijuana Vs. Opiates For Chronic Pain Relief?!

“Should You Use Marijuana for Pain Management?” In this show, Dr. Oz explains how marijuana may relieve chronic pain that’s plaguing America today. Needless to say, this is both revolutionary and controversial. However, let’s look at the facts versus the possibilities of a better alternative. Opiates are the most powerful weapon to treat chronic pain, but now some doctors are …

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Dr. Oz: “Food Fraud” Being Sold To You & How Companies Trick Consumers?

Food Fraud scam

Dr. Oz: “Is Your Food Real? Don’t be Duped” Dr. Oz invites Caroline Smith de Waal, director of Food Safety at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, to talk about food fraud and the different ways companies trick customers. Counterfeit food scam is a serious health problem and family concern because you may be buying fake food for …

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Dr. Oz: Water Pills Side Effects Revealed!

Dr oz Water Pills Side Effects

How safe are water pills? Dr. Oz reveals a warning by FDA, about the serious water pills side effects and their actual effect for weight loss!

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Dr. Oz Reveals The Harmful Chemicals In Microwave Popcorn!!

Microwave Popcorn hidden Dangers

Popcorn in its natural form is a good food to eat, it's a whole grain food, high in fiber, antioxidants and has low calorie but the processed variety has number of chemicals and substances that should never be put into a person's system.

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Dr. Oz: How To Pick The Right Diet Supplement For You? – Based On Your Food Triggers!

Right Diet Pill for You

Dr Oz reviewed the pros and cons of diet pills in his recent show and also discussed the criteria to choose the right kind of pills that could be the most beneficial for a certain kind of dieters.

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Dr. Oz: Genetically Modified Foods – Are They Safe?

Dr. Oz dedicated a segment to discussing genetically modified foods and the impact that they have on consumers all across the country. According to Dr. Oz, the food industry loves using genetically modified organisms because it allows them to produce more crops with a lower cost. However, it is not the natural approach, and that is where the problem lies. …

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Dr Oz: Pain Most Doctors Don’t Know About (Fibromyalgia)

Fibromyalgia symptoms and treatment

Dr Oz covered one of the most commonly encountered and misrepresented medical condition 'Fibromyalgia' in his show titled, "Disease doctors miss most". One in every six million people are currently suffering from this condition.

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