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Video: Dr. Oz’s Acne Remedies Tips – With Lea Michele

Dr. Oz’s Acne Remedies Tips

There are more than 20% of women who suffer from adult acne, Dr. Oz reveals the Acne symptoms, causes and remedies to get your skin more smooth and healthy in a short time.

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Dr. Oz: Yoga Workout Video For Beginners – By Steve Ross

Video: Steve Ross Yoga Workout Tips Yoga is one of the main parts in Dr. Oz’s daily routine, Dr. Oz starts his day by doing few minutes of Yoga and he wants everyone to explore and experience the numerous benefits of yoga, that’s why he invited one of his good friends, Steve Ross (yoga instructor) to share the fundamentals of …

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Dr. Oz: The 10-Minute Miracle Workout – By Tony Horton

Tony Horton, (Creator of Creator of P90X) created this 10-minute miracle workout for Dr. Oz fans. Watch as Tony shows you how you can do this workout exercises using only your human body and Gravity, no gym or equipments are required.

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Dr. Oz: Why Am I Dieting And Still Not Losing Weight? – Chris Powell Secrets

Chris Powell's Custom Weight-Loss Formula

One of the questions that Dr. Oz is asked the most is, "Why am I dieting and still not losing the weight?". To try and answer this question, and offer advice and a solution, he invited fitness expert, Chris Powell, on to the show to share his custom weight loss formula. This is a quick and easy formula that determines how many calories your body (specifically) burns everyday.

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Dr. Oz Show: Mrs. Michelle Obama’s Jump Rope Routine

Dr. Oz show - First lady Mrs. Obama Jumps Rope

Mrs. Michelle Obama has revealed her health and fitness secret" The jump ropes" !. She showed Dr. Oz her jump-rope routine which is her best way to get in-shape. She started by doing series of jumps that she used to do as a part of her Cardio exercises.

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Over 50 of Dr. Oz’s Greatest Tips and Advice Ever!

Helpful advice for weight loss

Doctor Oz has got the greatest 50 tips of all time! Watch Dr. Oz covers everything your body needs to look great and healthy; From Anti aging, Fighting Fatigue, Losing weight, lowering stress up to Alternative Remedies.

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Hyper Wear Sandbells Review

The Hyper Wear Sandbells

The SandBell is a soft and efficient neoprene bag filled up with versatile sand. It is a safe free weight that can be used as a much more challenging alternative to dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. It's also can be safely shed and grabbed or slammed to the ground allowing for new different creative workouts.

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