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Extraordinary Uses of Deodorant, Watermelon, Flip Flops and Iced Tea!

Extraordinary Uses of ordinary things

“Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things” Ordinary things can have extraordinary uses, resulting in more savings. You don’t have to break your back to remedy everyday needs. In this show, Dr. Oz proves to everyone that everyday things have new uses, and these great ideas are in fact for free. Here are the everyday essentials that have unique and ingenious uses. …

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Dr. Oz: The Truth About Anti-Aging Myths Revealed

Dr. Oz Anti aging Myths Busted

Due to the immense amount of information that we come through today, putting everything in context and validating the claims of each contention is really the best way to ensure that we are only surrounded with the facts that matter. In this episode of Dr. Oz, some common anti-aging myths amongst many aging people was finally solved with scientific evidence and logical deductions

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