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Dr. Oz: How To Overcome Fear Of Heights And Spiders!

Fear of Spiders

Fear is Bad for your Health: Fears are things that hold you back and wreck havoc on your life. They can be fear of going to the doctor, or you can get anxious about money. So in today’s show, Dr. Oz invites everyone to go to those dark and scary places and confront the fear. He himself has fear of …

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How Peanuts Decrease Heart Disease! + How to Reverse Liver & Skin Damage?!

Peanuts for heart health

Dr. Oz: How Peanuts Can lower Your Risk of Heart Disease? Some things are just worth knowing because they can potentially change your life and Peanuts is one of those things. There are some food in our kitchen that we take for granted, or worse, we are so misinformed that we thought it’s bad stuff when in truth it’s not …

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Dr. Oz: Heart Attack Warning Signs in Women Checklist!


Do you know that the warning signs for a heart-attack are not the same for women and men ? It is very important for ladies to discover the symptoms of heart attack/disease since there is Not much time after having a heart attack then your heart starts dying. Print this warning signs check-list and keep it in your pocket, it could simply save your life.

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The Top 7 Simple Tips to Live Longer

How to live longer

The way to Live Longer is a topic that lots of people are speaking about which instantly starts pointing in quite a few directions. For some of us, the answers or suggestions may well appear a bit overwhelming if you're not currently following a wholesome way of life, but it's never as well soon to begin. Right here is really a list to obtain you began now. Commence with one particular or two ideas and move from there.

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