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Extraordinary Uses of Deodorant, Watermelon, Flip Flops and Iced Tea!

Extraordinary Uses of ordinary things

“Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things” Ordinary things can have extraordinary uses, resulting in more savings. You don’t have to break your back to remedy everyday needs. In this show, Dr. Oz proves to everyone that everyday things have new uses, and these great ideas are in fact for free. Here are the everyday essentials that have unique and ingenious uses. …

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Dr. Oz: How Singer ‘Avril Lavigne’ Is Dealing With Lyme Disease?

Avril Lavigne's Lyme Disease

Everybody loves the spring season. But this is also the time to protect yourself from a serious disease that blooms with the flowers. When you know you’re safe, then you can enjoy spring time to the fullest. Until you do, watch out for Lyme Disease. It’s on the rise in a big way! The CDC increased their estimate of annual …

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10 Healthy Habits To Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease!

Dr. Oz Healthy Heart habits

For 6 years, it has been Dr. Oz’s mission to convince America that the cure to your heart disease is in your hands. The color red is a significant marker of how healthy you are. How much of it in your daily routine, and how watchful you are of the reds, can be a helpful tool to guide you in …

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Dr. Oz: Christie Brinkley Revealing Her Anti-aging Secrets!

Christie Brinkley on Dr. Oz show

At 61 Christie Brinkley is arguably one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. Despite been a mother of 3, she maintains a divine figure that most women half her age would kill for. To sum it all up, this highly successful supermodel boasts of a stunning figure, huge azure eyes, long and luxuriant blond hair and a …

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Dr. Oz: Water Pills Side Effects Revealed!

Dr oz Water Pills Side Effects

How safe are water pills? Dr. Oz reveals a warning by FDA, about the serious water pills side effects and their actual effect for weight loss!

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Dr. Oz’s Video: 3 Mistakes Women Make When Shaving Their Legs!

dr. oz Leg shaving mistakes

Dr. Oz and Dybele Fishman MD, Dermatologist reveal the top 3 mistakes that most women make when shaving their legs, Watch this video to learn how to avoid these mistakes and get ready to wear short shorts this summer.

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Dr. Oz: “The Real Housewives” Anti-Aging Tips And Secrets

The Real Housewives anti-aging tips

For the first time, Dr. Oz brings the starts of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” as guests on his show to reveal their secret health and anti-aging tips. Watch this video as each of the housewives share their favorite age eraser and anti-aging tips to look younger without going under the knife. Tamra’s Miracle age Eraser “Sally Hansen salon …

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Dr. Oz: How You Sit Can Help Prevent a Blood Clot?!

dr oz blood clot

Dr. Oz discourages his audience from sitting with their legs crossed. He claims that when a person bends and twists their body they increase the chances of having a blood clot. This is especially true for people as they grow older. He took a member from his studio audience and used her to help explain how people can reduce their chances of..

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