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Fried Crickets, Sunbathing Naked, Adult Thumb Sucking – Are they Good?!

Bizarre Health Behaviors

4 Bizarre Health Behaviors Explained! In today’s show, Dr. Oz reveals a number of bizarre health behaviors while his invited panel explains each one from various perspectives. His guests are Dr. Holly Phillips, Medical Contributor of CBS News, Ian Drew, Entertainment Director of US Weekly Magazine, and Dr. Jen Hartstein, clinical psychologist. Here are examples of the curious health quirks …

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Secrets To Save Money at Grocery Stores, Drug Stores and Online

Money-saving secrets

Grocery Rip-off Relief Dr.Oz is advocating proper management of finances to promote holistic wellness, including mental health. He invites financial expert Farnoosh Torabi (author of Live Rich, Even When You’re Not) to talk about how homemakers can save money with groceries. Groceries are a daily staple, so to be saving in this area is a big deal. Farnoosh says that …

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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Wild King Salmon Roast Recipe

Fish takes center stage again in this delicious variation. Fish is naturally low in sodium and high in essential vitamins and nutrients, and salmon is one of the most versatile and delicious fish there is and this dish is no exception. The salmon is placed on a rack where the ingredients are then seared into the salmon’s pink flesh, giving …

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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Spinach Chicken Recipe

This dish is designed to get people who don’t usually like leafy green vegetables. It is easy to prepare and loaded with vitamin and nutrients and is so delicious they’ll never know they were eating spinach. In fact, after experiencing what you did by combining two unlikely dinner staples, they’ll never say they don’t like leafy vegetables again. Dr. Oz: …

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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Thai Chicken Bowl Recipe

For an Asian slant to your next evening meal, try this spicy and flavorful chicken dish. Chicken is naturally low in fat and loaded with vitamins and nutrients, so you know it is good for you. this sumptuous Asian recipe is a way to give your family a healthy meal disguised as a scrumptious taste sensation they won’t soon forget. …

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Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Shrimp Fajita Recipe

Add a touch of Mexican flavor to your next evening meal with this delicious fiesta on a dish. Not only is it delicious, it is also low in calories, so it won’t wreck your diet. It has all the taste all the flavor of a much higher calorie meal without all the fat and carbohydrates. This sensational Mexican dish is …

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Total Choice Shredded Wheat Banana Bowl Recipe

This is a recipe that can be enjoyed on the Total Choice 1600-calorie plan. Loaded with nutrients and fiber, this is a breakfast that can be thrown together in just minutes. Dr. Oz: Loaded Shredded Wheat Banana Bowl The following ingredients will be needed for this recipe: 1/2 cup of “no sugar added” shredded wheat 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla …

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Total Choice “PB&J Breakfast Smoothie” Recipe

Dr. Oz PB&J Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

This sweet smoothie will help give you an extra boost of protein, fiber and nutrients in the morning with out all of the extra carbs and sugar. This treat can also be enjoyed on the Total Choice 1600-calorie plan. Dr Oz: PB&J Breakfast Smoothie Recipe The following ingredients will be needed for this recipe: 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond …

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