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Dr. Oz: How Ractopamine Affects The Pork You Eat!

Ractopamine, feed additive in pork

How Ractopamine (feed additive) affects pigs and the pork we eat! If you knew how your food is produced, then surely you would make different food choices. Dr. Oz discusses a food issue that would help you make good choices. Some farmers in America are raising pigs using a drug that is banned in many countries. In this episode, you …

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Secrets To Save Money at Grocery Stores, Drug Stores and Online

Money-saving secrets

Grocery Rip-off Relief Dr.Oz is advocating proper management of finances to promote holistic wellness, including mental health. He invites financial expert Farnoosh Torabi (author of Live Rich, Even When You’re Not) to talk about how homemakers can save money with groceries. Groceries are a daily staple, so to be saving in this area is a big deal. Farnoosh says that …

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Dr. Oz: Two Supplements Most People Should Take

Dr. Oz'sTwo most important Supplements

Julie Chen, MD. (an integrative medicine specialist) was invited onto the Dr. Oz show to discuss two supplements that most people have never heard of. In fact, most traditional doctors don't know about these supplements even though research shows that they can heal inflammation, help you lose weight, and lower your blood sugar.

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Dr. Oz’s 5-HTP: Is It the Best Natural Appetite Suppressant?

Dr. Oz show 5-HTP Natural Appetite Suppressant

Looking for something that can help suppress your appetite, help you lose weight, improve your mood and help you sleep better? Maybe even help with your PMS symptoms? Then maybe 5-HTP might be right for you. This is not some sort of magic pill that will help you lose 20 pounds in a week

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BB Cream – 5 in 1 Skin Beauty Cream

BB Cream - Beauty Bomb

Dr. Oz exposes the newest 5-in-1 healthy skin care product (BB Cream) that will take the place of all your other skin products: primer, foundation, sun-block , moisturizing lotion and anti-aging solution! Find out how it is possible to look much younger and save alot of your time and money using a BB Cream

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