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Dr. Jonathan Levine’s Tips To Power Up Your Oral Care Routine?

Dr. Jonathan remains dedicated to caring for his patients, helping them create a beautiful smile, and providing them with the teaching necessary to maintain their oral health. Recently, he sat down to discuss the importance of proper oral health. He also revealed his top tip for powering up your mouth care routine.

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Dr. Oz: 5 Cheap and Safe Alternatives For Your Medicine Cabinet

Dr. Oz: Medicine Cabinet Essentials

More and more studies are showing that continued use of some common pain medications can lead to severe health issues. Dr. Oz has some safer, and sometimes cheaper, alternatives that you should always have in your medicine cabinet.

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Dr. Oz: Reduce Your Risk For Ovarian Cancer

Dr. Oz Ovarian Cancer

Most instances of ovarian cancer aren't diagnosed until stage three or four. By this time, it's normally too late for treatment. Dr. Oz explained some of the factors that lead to an increased risk for the cancer, and offered some solutions.

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Dr. Oz: Stop Your Pain Naturally With No Pills

Dr. Oz's No-Pill Pain busters

The way a person deals with their pain will often determine how they heal, and even cope with the pain. Dr. Oz believes that society has gotten into the habit of reaching for pills the moment they feel pain - there are other alternatives that should be considered before popping pain medication.

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Dr. Oz: 9 Anti-aging Tips To Erase Your Age Mistakes

Dr. Oz Mistakes That Age You Fast

There are things that we do everyday that prematurely age us. Dr. Oz reveals that things like energy drinks, tap water and cellphones Tap water, energy drinks can all age you faster than you imagine.

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Dr. Oz: 3 Family Meals That Make You Gain Weight

Food mistakes

Cooking meals for your family is well-meaning, but has the potential to make you gain around 12 pounds a year from doing it. Simple mistakes that you make while preparing food can quickly add up, and the Dr. Oz Show has highlighted three in particular, especially for those of you who have kids.

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Dr. Oz: Rachael Ray Transforms the Summer BBQ

Rachael Ray on Dr. oz show

Rachael Ray appeared on the Dr. Oz Show to share her healthier summer BBQ and cocktail recipes. These recipes can be used to replace some of the older favorites, that are much higher in calories and fat.

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Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy and Breast Cancer

Angelina_Jolie Mastectomy

Dr. Oz was deeply moved by Angelina Jolie's public announcement regarding her decision to have a double mastectomy. Jolie wrote an emotional essay for the New York Times, explaining that she carried a faulty BRCA1 gene, which put her at an incredibly high risk of developing breast cancer

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