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Street Medicine: Dr. Jim Withers Offers Free Medical care to the Homeless!

Dr. Jim Withers - street medicine

Dr. Jim Withers: The Story of Street Medicine In today’s show, Dr. Oz shares the story of internist Dr. Jim Withers, a doctor who offers free medical care to the homeless. He spends most of his time under bridges, down darkened alleys, and abandoned streets, offering free medical care to a group of people too often forgotten. He has devoted …

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Mold Poisoning Symptoms, Detection and Treatment?!

mold poisoning symptoms and treatment

Dr. Oz: Protect Your Family From Mold Poisoning! Stealth invasion is their modus operandi. They are silent, invisible, and deadly. You can’t smell it, you can’t touch it, but if it’s in your house, it can be a big hazard to your family’s health. It is mold poisoning. How Mold Can Affect Your Health? Dr. Oz welcomes two guests in …

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Dr. Oz: Water Pills Side Effects Revealed!

Dr oz Water Pills Side Effects

How safe are water pills? Dr. Oz reveals a warning by FDA, about the serious water pills side effects and their actual effect for weight loss!

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Dr. Oz: The 4 Biggest Diet Lies That Keep You Fat!

People are believing lies that are keeping them fat. They will have a hard time losing weight if they continue to believe in following long held dieting misinformation. Dr. Oz explains the biggest 4 lies that keep people fat. Diet Lie #1: Eating Small Frequent Meals Will Boost Your Metabolism Many people believe that eating five small meals a day …

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Dr. Oz: Should You Say “Yes” to Bunion Surgery?

A bunion is a painful foot condition that develops due to an abnormal disposition of the big toe joint. This condition is very common in women and most of them undergo surgery to treat this condition. "Could the surgery actually cause more problems than the bunions themselves?"

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Dr Oz: Your Hunger Type Can Help You Lose Weight

Knowing your Hunger types

Hunger is the most basic physiological need for organisms to survive. Most of the modern diseases like diabetes, high blood cholesterol leading to heart disease, stem from reasons related to diet and most of us who need to make changes in diet would be greatly benefitted if we know our eating habit.

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Dr Oz: Pain Most Doctors Don’t Know About (Fibromyalgia)

Fibromyalgia symptoms and treatment

Dr Oz covered one of the most commonly encountered and misrepresented medical condition 'Fibromyalgia' in his show titled, "Disease doctors miss most". One in every six million people are currently suffering from this condition.

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Dr. Oz: Summertime Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

mosquito bites solution

Summer means rashes, scratches and stings for most people, but what is normal and not normal? Dr. Oz invited Dr. Clifford Basset, an Allergist, onto the show to discuss some of the more common summer symptoms which should never be ignored.

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