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Dr.Oz: Effective Ways to Declutter Your Home!

decluttering your room

Decluttering is Good for the Health In this episode, Dr. Oz shows how clutter can affect your health. He invited psychiatrist Dr. Melva Green, and organizational expert Jill Pollock to help him explain how physical clutter can symbolize the emotional turmoil that a person may be experiencing. Together they share organizing secrets that will transform one’s life. If you wonder …

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Dr. Oz: OverPrescribed Antidepressants Side Effects and Risks!

Dr. Oz Antidepressants

“Are these many women depressed?” asks Dr. Oz in today’s show. After finding out about the disturbing statistics that 1 in 5 women are turning to anti-depressants for help, Dr. Oz sounded the alarm and investigates if this phenomenon is valid. Use of anti-depressants in the U.S. has sky-rocketed to 400% over the last two decades. Anti-depressants are the third …

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Dr. Oz: Antidepressants Are Not The Answer To Everything

Dr. oz: the myth behing antidepressants

In 1987, Prozac was introduced as an antidepressant wonder-drug, and it soared in popularity. Other antidepressants were manufactured over the following years, and their manufacture and sale is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Prozac was supposedly able to cure many ailments, not just depression, but new studies are showing that this is actually not the case, and these drugs could actually be doing more harm than good.

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Birth Order is an Indicator of Specific Disease Risks

Dr. Oz Can Birth Order Predict Disease

Where a person ranks in their family affects their personality, but also accurately predicts the risks for specific diseases. Psychiatrist Sue Varma, MD, appeared on the Dr. Oz show to discuss how biology and psychology mix to predict this.

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