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Dr. Oz: How To Overcome Fear Of Heights And Spiders!

Fear of Spiders

Fear is Bad for your Health: Fears are things that hold you back and wreck havoc on your life. They can be fear of going to the doctor, or you can get anxious about money. So in today’s show, Dr. Oz invites everyone to go to those dark and scary places and confront the fear. He himself has fear of …

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Dr. Oz: Heroin Addicts Before And After! – (Shocking Stories)

Dr. Oz - Heroin Addicts

Dr. Oz explains how 2 women of different ages became Heroin Addicts and how it has impacted their lives. How heroin-related deaths are upto 40% in America!

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Dr. Oz’s Total 10 Mexican Bowl Recipe

dr. oz Total 10 Mexican Bowl

The total 10 Mexican bowl is rich with non-starchy vegetables, tomatoes, avocado, cauliflower rice without loads of fats or empty calories. Total 10 Mexican bowl is a savory and tasty bowl that can fix your craving without feeling the guilt. Try it on lunch or dinner. Download the complete Total 10 Rapid weight loss plan here. Total 10 Mexican Bowl …

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Dr Oz: 12 Tips To Sleep Better And Faster!

Dr. Oz's 12 best sleep tips

Dr. Mehmet Oz shares some of the best tips to get a good night’s sleep every night. It’s always recommended to get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. Infact you need more sleep than you need food. If you don’t sleep well at night or you have a bad sleep routine, you will always feel tired and you …

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Dr. Oz: Too Much Sleep Can Lead To “Sleep Drunk”!

We’ve heard the mantra from doctors for years. Americans don’t get enough sleep! That’s what they’ve been telling us, and along with that complaint come the dire warnings about all the things that can go wrong with our bodies because of it. It was something of a surprise then, to hear that for a growing percentage of Americans, the exact …

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Dr. Oz: Sleep Solutions For Couples!

Dr. Oz: Sleep Solutions For Couples

Well, nobody wants a sleep divorce and Dr Oz comes up with some solutions that might improve the quality of sleep of couples. He discusses a range of issues that affects couples when asleep such as snoring, covers being stolen, TV on all night among others.

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Dr. Oz: Homeopathic Remedies 101 – Build Your Starter Kit

Dr. Oz's Homeopathic-remedies

Homeopathic remedies have been used for over 200 years, and are growing in popularity due to their gentle, healing nature. Already readily available in Europe and Canada, these remedies are now becoming more popular in the United States, and are starting to be seen in pharmacies and health food stores around America.

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Over 50 of Dr. Oz’s Greatest Tips and Advice Ever!

Helpful advice for weight loss

Doctor Oz has got the greatest 50 tips of all time! Watch Dr. Oz covers everything your body needs to look great and healthy; From Anti aging, Fighting Fatigue, Losing weight, lowering stress up to Alternative Remedies.

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