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Dr.Oz: Effective Ways to Declutter Your Home!

decluttering your room

Decluttering is Good for the Health In this episode, Dr. Oz shows how clutter can affect your health. He invited psychiatrist Dr. Melva Green, and organizational expert Jill Pollock to help him explain how physical clutter can symbolize the emotional turmoil that a person may be experiencing. Together they share organizing secrets that will transform one’s life. If you wonder …

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Mariel Hemingway: How To Conquer Fear And Find Inner Peace!

Mariel Hemingway Conquer Fear And Find Inner Peace

“Out Came the Sun: Overcoming the Legacy of Mental Illness, Addiction, and Suicide in My Family” is the title of Mariel Hemingway’s autobiographical book. This distinguished descendant of Ernest Hemmingway talks about how she found inner peace and the strength to face her fears. Dr. Oz invited the actress and author in today’s show to share to the public her …

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Dr.Oz: 10-minutes Back-Pain Relief without Medications?!

Dr. Oz: Relieve your Back Pain in 10-minutes using a cold roller on your back In today’s show, Dr. Oz addresses the problem that 47 million Americans are experiencing every day: the real and ever present Backpain. When he promises that he’d help you feel like a 10 in just 10 minutes, you better believe it because the remedies are …

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Dr. Oz: “Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disorder” Disease – A New Name For Chronic-Fatigue Syndrome!

The Institute of Medicine proposed a new name calling this “Systematic Exertion Intolerance Disorder” or SEID. This new name better reflects what is actually happening with women who complain of being fatigued, and can’t do the activities of their daily life.

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The Detox Prescription: 3-Day Detox Diet Smoothie Drinks

The Detox Prescription: 3 Day Cleanse

Dr. Woodson Merrell and Dr. Oz present a 3-day detox cleanse (The Detox Prescription) that will help you lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and inflammation aswell as help you lose some inches of weight.

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Dr. Oz: Should You Take Antidepressants For Depression?

Antidepressants For Depression

Antidepressants: The 3rd Most Common Prescribed Drugs In America! Have you ever heard of the phrase that reads, ”Mother’s little helper?” Do you know that women are now seeking for better ways to suppress their stress? From the Dr. Oz review, you are sure to discover great facts to this notion. In fact, some people are presently asking, why 1 …

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Dr. Oz: 3 Tips To Rapidly Melt Your Belly Fats

rapid melt belly fats

Unwanted fat in the belly or belly fat is one of the issues that most of us would like to address not only from the aesthetic standpoint but also as a health concern. Excess fat in our body, not only in the belly, can lead to serious health risks including heart disease and diabetes. Many factors due to the modern …

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Dr. Oz: High Doses Of Antioxidant Supplements Can Cause Cancer!

dr oz Antioxidant Supplements

Are Antioxidants Good For You? It is obvious to think that antioxidants are good for us. For years, a lot of research has gone into establishing the beneficial role of antioxidants in preventing cellular stress and damage, thereby reducing the risk of debilitating diseases like cancer. Antioxidant supplements have become very popular recently owing to their ability to prevent not …

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