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Dr. Oz: You Might be Buying Dirty Used Underwear (Lingerie)!

Dr. Oz Buying Dirty Used Underwear

Dr. Oz: How You Blindly Buy Used Underwear/Lingerie Dr. Oz invites investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen of “THE TODAY SHOW” to talk about the retail stores’ dirty secret. They are selling used underwear that you may have already bought at one time or another without knowing it. He talks about how you can know if the lingerie you’re buying has been …

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Dr. Oz: 3 Steps To Eliminate Microwave Odor in Few Minutes!

eliminate microwave odor

How To Eliminate Microwave Odor? To eliminate any bad odor or smell in your microwave, you simply need these 3 things: Quarter Lemons 1 cup of water Microwave Safe Dish Directions: Put 4 quarters of lemons and a cup of water in a microwave safe dish Microwave for 1 minute or more Leave in Microwave for several minutes Additionally, you …

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Dr. Oz Video: Honey Can Help You Lose Weight!

dr oz Honey Is Healthier Than Sugar

Dr. Oz reveals why honey is more healthier than sugar. New studies have shown that honey is good for weight loss, although honey contains more calories than sugar! ...

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Video: Dr. Oz’s Acne Remedies Tips – With Lea Michele

Dr. Oz’s Acne Remedies Tips

There are more than 20% of women who suffer from adult acne, Dr. Oz reveals the Acne symptoms, causes and remedies to get your skin more smooth and healthy in a short time.

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Dr. Oz: “The Real Housewives” Anti-Aging Tips And Secrets

The Real Housewives anti-aging tips

For the first time, Dr. Oz brings the starts of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” as guests on his show to reveal their secret health and anti-aging tips. Watch this video as each of the housewives share their favorite age eraser and anti-aging tips to look younger without going under the knife. Tamra’s Miracle age Eraser “Sally Hansen salon …

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Dr. Oz’s Top 100 Tips To Lose Weight Without Pills!

Start melting away unwanted pounds today by implementing the best of Dr. Oz’s tried and true weight-loss tips. These small simple changes to your diet can eliminate the need for supplements and surgery, leading to long term weight loss! 1. Enjoy Healthy Fats You do not have to eliminate fat from your diet entirely. There are sources of good fats …

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Dr. Oz: Yoga Workout Video For Beginners – By Steve Ross

Video: Steve Ross Yoga Workout Tips Yoga is one of the main parts in Dr. Oz’s daily routine, Dr. Oz starts his day by doing few minutes of Yoga and he wants everyone to explore and experience the numerous benefits of yoga, that’s why he invited one of his good friends, Steve Ross (yoga instructor) to share the fundamentals of …

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Dr. Oz: Sleep Solutions For Couples!

Dr. Oz: Sleep Solutions For Couples

Well, nobody wants a sleep divorce and Dr Oz comes up with some solutions that might improve the quality of sleep of couples. He discusses a range of issues that affects couples when asleep such as snoring, covers being stolen, TV on all night among others.

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