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Fried Crickets, Sunbathing Naked, Adult Thumb Sucking – Are they Good?!

Bizarre Health Behaviors

4 Bizarre Health Behaviors Explained! In today’s show, Dr. Oz reveals a number of bizarre health behaviors while his invited panel explains each one from various perspectives. His guests are Dr. Holly Phillips, Medical Contributor of CBS News, Ian Drew, Entertainment Director of US Weekly Magazine, and Dr. Jen Hartstein, clinical psychologist. Here are examples of the curious health quirks …

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Dr. Oz: Natural Remedies For High blood pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Nausea & More!

Dr Oz: Natural Remedies that Doctors Trust and Recommend CoQ10 For High Blood Pressure How Can CoQ10 Lower Blood Pressure? One of the main causes of heart diseases is high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Most doctors prescribe various drugs to patients with high blood pressure. But, the problem in this case is that there are serious side effects involved …

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Dr. Oz: The Fastest All-Natural ‘Yeast Infection’ Treatments!

Yeast infection is a common condition in women that is very uncomfortable and is characterized by smelly white, creamy, clumpy discharge and vaginal itch. Dr Oz brings up this uncomfortable issue in his recent show to inform us the reasons that cause yeast infection in women and ways to treat and prevent this condition. Dr. Oz started the show on …

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Dr. Oz: Genetically Modified Foods – Are They Safe?

Dr. Oz dedicated a segment to discussing genetically modified foods and the impact that they have on consumers all across the country. According to Dr. Oz, the food industry loves using genetically modified organisms because it allows them to produce more crops with a lower cost. However, it is not the natural approach, and that is where the problem lies. …

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Dr. Oz: 3 Steps To Reduce Yeast Overgrowth And Fight Exhaustion

Dr. oz Saliva test

It is normal for you to have active parasites, viruses, fungi and bacteria that cover the lining of your intestines. But your system also has probiotics, or good bugs that balance your body’s digestion

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Parasite Infections On the Rise – Not Your Common Flu

Dr. oz: Flu or a Parasite infections

Parasites are something that we associate with third-world or tropical countries, but there is growing concern in the medical community that parasites might be the cause of many common ailments in the United States today. The CDC has reported that over 60 million people in America have some type of parasitic infection, and most of these people are unaware they are infected

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