The Biggest Loser: Jillian Michaels’ Tips To Keep You Slim For Life

Jillian Michaels’ Tips for Transformational Weight Loss

Jillian Michaels' Tips for Transformational Weight Loss

Jillian Michaels, from TV’s ‘The Biggest Loser‘, appeared on the Dr. Oz show to discuss her new book and share some tips. Jillian clarified that she doesn’t give unsolicited advice, and actually needs for a person to be willing to take that advice and use it, to work with them. She also thinks that it’s important for a person to love themselves before they can truly take steps towards their own betterment, if that’s what they so choose to do. Dr. Oz asked her if she thought that the ends justified the means, and alluded to the fact that she can be quite harsh with her contestants. Jillian explained that her method works for her contestants, and it worked for her, before her own personal transformation.

When Jillian has someone who she thinks is killing themselves with food, and she doesn’t know how long she has with them, she needs to go out there strong. They need to have a moment of hitting rock-bottom, where the fear of change is less painful than being where they’re at. They need an accomplishing moment in the gym that defines their belief in their own capabilities. And they need to take responsibility for their lives, as early as possible in the show — if they can’t do this, then they will remain victims and won’t have the power to instigate change.

Dr. Oz asked Jillian if she thought it was possible for someone without a personal trainer and weight-loss ranch to lose weight in America. Jillian believes that it is completely possible, but you need to get informed. Educating yourself with accurate information can help you make powerful choices that are going to lead to results, and taking informed action will lead to healthy results.

‘Slim For Life’ is Jillian’s new book, and it gives insights into the mistakes that people continually make when trying to diet. The book differs from other diet books because she is not trying to sell a new fad diet, she simply covers the basics of eating less and moving more. She gives common sense strategies that are accessible, affordable, manageable, and help you deal with cravings, hunger, plateau’s, diet myths and misinformation. One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying into all the newest fad diets — they’re absurd and cannot be maintained. The weight loss from these types of diets is damaging to your metabolism and doesn’t teach you how to be healthy, so is short-lived.

A Couple of Quick Tips from Jillian’s “Slim For Life” Book

Have a date with you scale. People are afraid of their scales, so they never use them and never get an idea of where they are at with their weight. On the other hand, some people are on their scale every day and so normal, small fluctuations keep them discouraged. Get on your scale once a week, always the same scale, always the same time of day. This will give you a more accurate reading of your progress. If you are losing weight, that’s wonderful. If you’re not, then you need to make changes.

Put a bow on it: When you go out to dinner, tie a ribbon around your stomach and under your clothes. The body takes 20 minutes to realize that it is full, and we can sometimes mindlessly keep eating until this point. If you feel your stomach starting to push against the ribbon, question if you’re still hungry, and stop eating if you’re not.

The meat section: Have lean cuts of meat, coated in a dry rub rather than sauce. This allows you to flavor your meat with herbs and spices lacking in calories, and get the additional health benefits from these.
Citrus Splash recipe (dry rub for meat): 1/4 cup rosemary, 6-8 garlic cloves, zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon, 2 Tbsp. thyme, 2 Tbsp orange juice, pinch of salt.

The grains: Branch out and try whole grain amaranth or triticale (look for “100% whole grain” on packaging). Use these instead of pasta and brown rice.

The produce section. Buy organic, and if you cannot afford organic, buy thick-skinned fruits and vegetables (like oranges and grapefruit). Also, avoid pre-cut foods, as they are more expensive and essential nutrients have had time to oxidize.

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