The South Beach Diet: Lose 13 lbs in 2 Weeks With Gluten Free Recipes

Dr. Arthur Agatson: The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution

The South Beach Diet Gluten free Solution recipesThe South Beach Diet is one of the most successful diets ever designed, and allows you to lose weight without committing to a full-time diet. Dr. Oz invited Dr. Arthur Agatson (creator of the South Beach diet) onto the show to give viewers some quick and easy tips. All the tips on the show were designed and tested by Dr. Agatson, who was actually the original guinea pig of the South Beach diet, when he lost over eight pounds in seven days. Dr. Agatson promises a thirteen pound weight loss in two weeks using these handy and quick tips.

The popularity of the South Beach diet is due to the simplicity of the diet, the fact that it is flexible, and seems to work. The diet was originally designed for the cardiac patients of Dr. Agatson, but because of how effective it is for weight loss, has now been adopted by the general public. Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegan, the principles are the same; eat good carbs, good fats, lots of fiber, and lean sources of protein. Following these principles should lead to a sustained weight loss and lack of hunger.

Stop and Go – Fruits and Vegetables

Red fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients, so make sure to stop and enjoy them. Green vegetables are also packed full of nutrients, so always go for them when you can. Yellow fruits and vegetables (normally tropical in origin) contain more starch and sugar, so think before eating them. Make sure you always have a good variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Eat B-Based Proteins

Diets containing one-third lean proteins cause a one pound weight loss every week. Try and avoid the proteins that contain lots of saturated fats, from sedentary animals. Eat lean chicken or turkey breasts, beans, bison, and Canadian bacon. If you are vegan, you can eat veggie or soy burgers.

Sauces that Suppress Your Appetite

Most sauces and condiments contain sugar and are not filling, so swap these out for more filling options. Ketchup can be replaced with hot sauce, and cream cheese can be replaced with a skim milk cheese. Any recipe that calls for the use of sour cream or mayonnaise (like tuna or chicken salad) can be made with Greek yoghurt instead. Switching a single ounce of sour cream for an ounce of Greek yoghurt saves a third of the calories, and can mean the consumption of 1100 calories less every month. Swapping these options out will not only mean less calories, but will make you feel more full.

Daily Dairy Desserts

Like coffee and dark chocolate, dairy once had a bad reputation. Studies now show, however, that low-fat dairy items are good for you, in moderation. People who continue to eat low-fat dairy while on a calorie restricted diet lose two pounds more and present with less instances of diabetes. Some dessert options are: chocolate mousse, skimmed ricotta cheese (with a little vanilla to sweeten), and chilled espresso custard. The recipes for these dessert are available on the Dr. Oz Show website.

Don’t Shop Hungry

New research shows that low blood sugar levels lead to less self-control, so going to the grocery store hungry leads to bad decisions. People with lower blood sugar are four times more likely to purchase high calorie foods than lower calorie foods. Do your shopping after breakfast or lunch, and never shop between the hours of 4pm and 7pm. Have B-based protein snacks prior to shopping, and you will make far better decisions.

Eat Your Hunger Away

If you are hungry, then you are not dieting properly. You need to keep eating, but you should only be eating healthy foods; and when you are hungry, you make bad decisions. Always plan your snacks and try to have fruit or vegetables with protein — this will keep you from feeling hungry. Examples are: apples with peanut butter or cheese, and tomatoes with string cheese. Make sure to have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack everyday, and sometimes even dessert. Healthy snacking can actually help you lose around eight pounds a year.

Guilt-Free Cheating

Once a week, pick a day where you will have cheat foods. This helps you to look forward to that day and allows you to focus on keeping to the diet for the rest of the week. Cheat food examples are: sweet potato fries, chocolate covered almonds, and whole-grain waffles. Fudgesicles are a cheat food you can have every night, but for other desserts, practice the three bite rule: have and enjoy only three bites.

Eat Before Eating Out

Fifteen minutes before dining out, have a protein based snack (like cheese or eggs) or a bowl of soup. Studies show that if you have soup before a meal, you will actually eat 135 calories less when you have your main meal.

Deli Counter Tips

When shopping at the deli counter, avoid anything that is honey baked, as these items have more sugar in them. Stay away from any items that contain fillers, like starches and thickeners. Make sure to always buy lean cold cuts like beef, turkey or ham, and cut off any fat before eating.

Gluten Free Recipes

Removing gluten from your diet can lead to you losing ten pounds in two weeks. A large percentage of people have a gluten sensitivity, and can relieve symptoms without taking any pills, simply by cutting gluten from their diet. Avoiding items like beer, salad dressing, pasta, bread, soy sauce, marinades, and cereals will lead to quick relief. Eating gluten can lead to poor nutrient absorption in the gut, intestinal inflammation, and a negative auto-immune response. Giving up gluten doesn’t mean having to give up whole grains. Substitutes that do not naturally contain gluten are: cornmeal, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, and brown rice. These options are high in fiber and protein, and are a better option than finding an item that naturally contains gluten but is made to be gluten free.

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