The Super Immunity Diet – Live Longer and Lose Weight

Dr. Oz’s Super Immunity Diet

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD, is one of the most popular guests on the Dr. Oz show. He has designed a new diet called the Super Immunity diet, and by changing how you eat, you can reach optimal health and avoid ever getting sick. The diet can help you avoid getting something as simple as the common cold, or as life-threatening as cancer. It can also help you live to age 95 (males) or even 100 (females).

When we are born, we have clean immune systems. In our twenties, we start adding new things to our diet, like alcohol, and we start building up waste in our tissues. This waste keeps the immune system from functioning properly, and allows our bodies to be exposed to more diseases. By changing our diet, we can rid ourselves of the waste, taking ourselves back to when we were younger.

New studies have shown that particular foods have the ability to double immune system function. By having a diet of nutrient-dense foods, the body can heal itself and fight off disease. Eating foods with only the highest levels of nutrients (like beans, onions, and greens) leads to renewed vitality and weight loss. You can start this diet by:

Eating phytonutrient-rich foods

The digestive tract houses 70% of immune functions, and without green vegetables these cannot get in tune with the body.

Eating slow-absorbing foods

Slowly digesting carbohydrates (like beans) release into the body over hours and increase the amount of fat expelled in the stool, instead of being absorbed into the body. The fibers also bind the bad cholesterol fats and pulls them from the body, while leaving the good fats behind. People who eat fast food are eating white flour and sugar, which absorbs over minutes and causes a response in glucose levels and triggers a large release of insulin; a fat storing hormone that feeds cancers and also weakens the immune system.

Using meat as a condiment

Consuming too animal products raises the level of a hormone called IGF1. This hormone acts like insulin, promoting cancer and fat storage. Use only small amounts of meat (around 10% of the overall meal) and use more beans and vegetables instead.

Adding ten more chews

The average individual chews their food around 15 times, but by increasing this to 25, you can increase the levels of anti-cancer chemicals you gain from chewing on green salad by ten-fold. Some compounds are not released from food until they are mixed with the compounds in our saliva, so by chewing we create these.

Those starting the diet can expect to feel better right away, but it takes months to build up the cells again. Once people try the diet, they tend to stick to it because they feel so much better.

The Average Day

Breakfast should be a hot meal made of whole grains (like steel cut outs), seeds, and fruit. Lunch should be a salad, with dressings made from nuts, spices, and soy milk — not oil. Dinner should be soups or stews containing beans.

More tips are explained in Dr. Joel’s Book here, the Super Immunity diet.

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