Dr. Oz: The Truth About Anti-Aging Myths Revealed

Dr. Oz: Anti-Aging Myths Debunked

Dr. Oz Anti-aging Myths Revealed

Due to the immense amount of information that we come through today, putting everything in context and validating the claims of each contention is really the best way to ensure that we are only surrounded with the facts that matter. Dr. Oz presents scientifically proven facts and separates them from myths. Some common anti-aging myths amongst many aging people was finally solved with scientific evidence and logical deductions. Some people with gray hair believe that if they pull out strands of gray hair from their head or wherever they appear in their body, then more gray hair will grow from there.

Dr. Oz: How To Prevent Gray Hair Myth

Dr. Oz invited Amy, a 45-year old second-grade teacher who truly believed in this myth and dyed her gray hair every 6 to 8 weeks in order to hide it and look younger. Dr. Oz showed that if gray hair is plucked from its source, the hair follicles become traumatized and in return loose their natural orientation. As new hair grows, it assumes a different shape and direction of growth that reflects light differently making it look more whiter that it really is. It is this condition that makes most people think that they have grown more hair while in actual sense, they haven’t.

This myth is therefore not true and Dr. Oz advised that one should let the gray hairs express themselves. A fan also shared with the crowd that her grandmother told her that tapping under her chin daily would prevent her from growing a turkey wattle, but this turned out to be a myth because neck muscles actually loose their tone over the years and start to sag. Another claimed that an egg white facial can keep the skin firmer and wanted to know whether this was a myth or a true fact. The scientific fact is that egg whites only tighten the skin pores temporarily hence, making this contention a myth.

Dr. Oz: How To Fight Skin Wrinkles Myth

Another fan claimed that she sleeps on her back to help prevent the premature formation of wrinkles and wondered whether there was any science to back this claim. It is a fact that sleeping on your back actually prevents the formation of wrinkles, and sleeping on your side forms wrinkles on your cheeks and chin. Dr. Oz also invited Sally who claims that she uses lots of skin moisturizer to fight the aging process by preventing the formation of wrinkles, and wondered whether this was a myth or hard truth. The truth is that while moisturizer can be great for fighting dry skin, it does not go deep enough to fight wrinkles as many expect it to do.

The elastin and collagen of young skin are very firm and strongly situated under the skin giving it its firm look, and as the skin ages, they gradually loose their tensile strength making them less able to hold up the skin as they used to do before. The body also produces less of it with age and this is why the skin begins to sag, and extended exposure to the sun worsens the whole situation. Using skin moisturizer to prevent the formation of wrinkles is therefore a myth, but it is true that avoiding extended exposure to direct sunlight can help to prevent the development of premature wrinkles.

Dr. Oz: Thin Lips Myth

Beth was also invited to the Dr. Oz Show because she believed that it is a myth that her thin lips will continue to thin out, and there is nothing she can do about it. She wants her lips to look younger, plumper, fuller and so she brushes her lips every day with a toothbrush and uses over-the-counter liquid lip plumpers to guarantee this effect. The scientific fact is that whether someone uses these methods or lip liners, sugar scrubs or even lip pouting, lips naturally continue to thin out as one ages. This is because when you are young, your lips are stuffed with large amounts of collagen, and as you get older they begin to loose this collagen making them look thinner; but one can slow down this process by using a little bit of sun-screen on their lips.

Dr. Oz: Legs Varicose Veins Myth

Another fan shared with the crowd that her mom had varicose veins and she heard that crossing her legs can cause them. This turned out to be a myth because scientifically, varicose veins are caused by bad valves and not crossed legs.

Dr. Oz: Sagging Breasts Myth

Dr. Oz also invited Christine to the show who believed in a myth that sleeping bra-less causes sagging breasts. Dr. Oz explained that when one is young the ligaments suspending the breasts are relatively firmer holding the breasts at a higher position. As a woman gets older and gets children, the ligaments naturally begin to stretch and thin out becoming weaker, and the breasts gradually drop from their original positions. Therefore putting on a bra to prevent breasts from sagging is also a myth because it cannot alter this natural process.

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