Videos: Joel Harper’s (5-Minute Routine) Workouts For Arms, LowerBack, Butt, Thigh And More!

Dr. Oz: Fit in Five Workout Series

Joel Harper, (Dr. Oz’s personal trainer and author of Joel Harper’s Firming After 50) has put some fast and effective workout series to release tension, improve balance, and get your body on the right track. The Fit in five workout series works on your arms, chest, lower back, thigh, butt and each exercise takes only 5 minutes.

Fit in Five: Arms

Watch as Joel shows you how to get sleek, sexy arms in only 5 minutes with this fast arm workout.

Fit in Five: Cardio Workout

Celebrity trainer Joel Harper shows you how to get in shape doing Cardio workout at home, even with a busy schedule.

Fit in Five: Butt

This is another easy and fast 5-minute workout routine for your butt.

Fit in Five: Thighs

No need to go to the gym to tone your thighs. Joel Harper has designed a thigh workout just for you.

Fit in Five: Lower Back

This workout will help strengthen your back and ease your lower back pain. It’s designed to release your back tension in just 5 minutes.

Fit In Five: Balance

This workout is designed to help improve your balance, release tension and Align your body.

Fit in Five: Core

Joel developed this 5-minute workout to help you washboard your abs in no time and feel more confident in your bathing suit.

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