Dr. Oz: Water Pills Side Effects Revealed!

Dr. Oz Investigates the Use of Water Pills (Diuretics)

Dr oz Water Pills Side EffectsThere are products known as water pills (Diuretics) that make promises about cutting your physique, toning your muscles and shaping your body. Companies that produce these pills claim that they can make people slim. But, there is a question to ask: how safe are these products? People want to buy these pills because they seem to be cheap, easy to get and effective. They can be found online or at any drug store and they can be used without prescription. A less potent version of the same pills was used in the past for high blood pressure and heart failure. Dr. Oz says the FDA is now concerned about the fact that the pills are sold for weight loss.

Dr. Oz: Water Pills Side Effects

A warning was given by the FDA, saying that there are serious side effects involved in the use of water pills and that they should only be used under supervision from a doctor. A black woman who uses water pills is invited in the show of Dr. Oz. She says she uses the products for weight loss and to prevent bloating. She used to take it before events and parties, or after workout. The woman used to take 2 or 3 pills per week and the pills seemed to make her feel slimmer. The ingredients written on the small print of the product are caffeine, pamabrom and triamterene. Dr. Oz says the problem with these ingredients is that they don’t burn fat, they can cause severe dehydration and they can short circuit your organs.

How Water Pills Can Cause Delirium?

A transparent cylindrical recipient with 3 lbs of fluid is used to demonstrate how the pills work. The 3 pounds of liquid are poured into a larger transparent recipient that has a rectangular form. Dr. Oz asks the woman if the quantity of water that is seen in the rectangular recipient is similar to the one of urine that she eliminates after taking a water pill. Her answer is affirmative. In fact, her sleep is so affected that she barely sleeps at night. There is an explanation for this and Dr. Oz shows the public exactly what happens on the inside of the human body after taking the pills.

The human body is almost entirely made out of water. When you take the pill, fluids start to come out of the body, taking with them good ingredients like potassium, nutrients and sodium. The heart doesn’t like this and palpitations can start, you feel you can’t breath and the effects go to the brain. You start having the sensation of fog and you can have delirium sometimes. While Dr. Oz explains all this, the woman seems to be surprised of the effects and she says she will dump all of her pills into trash.

The Rebound Effect of Water Pills

The side effects are not the only problem with water pills. There is something else that people should consider. Even if people take the pills for losing weight, the effect is actually the opposite. Natasha knows about the dark side of the pills and she is invited in the show to talk about it. She explains how one day she was very sick, experiencing nausea and vomiting. She first thought she is pregnant and she went to see a doctor. The scariest part was the one in which her legs were swelling. If she would really have been pregnant, the situation would have been even worse.

Natasha found out from the doctor that the water pills she was taking were responsible for her situation. Dr. Oz shows her the 2 recipients used in the experiment made with the other guest. Natasha confirms the amount of water as the quantity of urine that she eliminated after taking water pills. Dr. Oz pours the liquid from the rectangular recipient back into the cylindrical recipient, which is filled with liquid again. After the liquid from the rectangular recipient is poured over the existing liquid from the cylindrical recipient, it spills over. This is the rebound effect.

In the case in which someone stops taking the pills, the 3 pounds of water can be gained back. But, the rebound effect of the pills can make you overwhelmed with liquid, leading to the swelling that Natasha was experiencing. Natasha would advise anyone not to take water pills under any circumstances. She is the perfect example of what these pills can do to the human body. You don’t have to go through the things she went through. If you want to lose weight, do it the natural way.

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