Dr. Oz: What Food Cravings Mean And How To Stop Them Naturally?

Dr. Oz: What Your Food Cravings Really Mean!

dr. oz what food cravings meanFor many people, the definition of the real cravings may sound different from others. This is simply because everyone has their own opinion about life approaches. With respect to Dr. Oz clear experimentation of real cravings, you are sure to find the best solutions in time of need. Without further deliberation, your real craving is cascaded on willpower. If you are not able to control your choice about certain types of foods, overcoming your real craving will remain difficult. Your real cravings remain in the power to resist temptations. There are people who still find it difficult to make the best choice of food to live on.

Eating from one food to another without restrictions can affect your health condition. In another word, your real craving can affect your health in ignorance. The serotonin levels in the brain are always alert to cravings. This is simply because your body needs sugary foods all the time. Sugary foods can affect your health negatively making you to grow bigger or increase in weight. Through Dr. Oz willpower experiment, you are sure to conquer your real cravings in an ephemeral of time. You must be ready to resist temptations. This is one of the best steps to apply when combating against your real cravings.

Do you know that real cravings can affect your energy levels?

Dietitian Ashley Koff (author of Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged) was a guest on Dr. Oz show, she explained that Craving is all about sweet foods that finally makes you grow in weight. Craving will definitely increase your blood sugar levels dropping energy to a minimal phase. On this note, when your real cravings get to a given stage uncontrollable, you will not have enough energy to fight back. This may finally lead you to obesity or adding extra pounds or weight. Eating foods containing protein, fat and fruit will help to slash down your real cravings to a minimal level.

Sugar Craving:

When trying to fight against your real cravings, there are certain foods that can help effectively. There should be no-bake cupcake. This can be easily interpreted with foods such as liquid Stevia, pear, crushed nuts, cinnamon and ricotta cheese. The combination of these foods can help reduce your real cravings effectively.

No-Bake cupcake:

  • Pear
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Liquid Stevia
  • Cinnamon
  • Crushed Nuts
Craving: Sweets
Body Really Needs: Energy
Eat: Fruit + Fat + Protein

Chocolate Craving:

At this juncture, it is important to know that your cravings can appear in several ways. There are sugar cravings, chocolate cravings and just to mention a few. For instance, when talking about chocolate cravings, it is important to know that the body really needs magnesium. On this note, eating 65 percent of dark chocolate nut or seeds can help overcome your cravings quickly. Another source of craving is when you eat foods containing high carbohydrate levels. Since the serotonin levels in the brain always need assistance to overcome sugar content, it is important to be aware of temptation towards this angle of your life. The brain may call for so much junk or sugary foods, all you have to do is to look for the alternative. One of the best ways to go is by eating foods containing slow carbs and Omega-3S. This will help to check the carbohydrate food content in your body.

Craving: Chocolate
Body Really Needs: Magnesium
Eat: 65% Dark Chocolate nuts or seeds

Carb Craving:

In the case of the craving carbs, your body really needs slow carbs and Omega-3s. You may ask, how can this be possible? All you have to do is eat hemp seeds or toasted edamame. This will help to produce the Omega-3S and slow carbs that your body needs to overcome real cravings.

Cravings: Carbs
Body Really Needs: Omega 3s + Slow carbs
Eat: Toasted Edamame or hemp seeds

How The French Craving Can Affect Your Eating Habit:

Still on the Dr. Oz show, you will find out how French fry cravings can affect your eating habit. In the case of French fry cravings, it is important to know that the body needs hydration. The French fry cravings often come with salt and fried foods. One great means of overcoming the French craving is by eating celery.

Methods To Distance Yourself From Cravings:

1. Brush your teeth with the non-dominant hand for 2 weeks

Building your willpower is the first step to staying away from cravings. Your willpower will have to start effectively by brushing your teeth with the non-dominant hand for two weeks. Though, you may find this practice difficult at first, with dedication and focus, there is every possibility to discover quick results. This is where your brain comes into action.

2. Wait 10 minutes before giving into temptation

Another great way of building your willpower is by waiting for ten minutes before giving into temptation. When temptation is in front of you, it picks up the function of the brain immediately. Studies have shown that overcoming the temptation in front of you can be easily done by waiting for just ten minutes.

How To Make A Healthy Willpower:

Making a healthy willpower can be as simple as ABC. You have to do something out of your routine for ten minutes per day. This is no precise time to do something out of your routine. It can be done as the first or last thing, but most important try to do something for ten minutes daily. Exercise is also a great source to build your willpower effectively. Making exercise as part of your daily routine will help to overcome craving temptations easily.

How To Trick Your Taste Buds Into Eating Less:

To overcome spicy foods and trick your buds to eat less is by taking honey. This is a fact that so many people do not know. If you like eating spicy foods without control before, taking some honey will help solve the problem. Honey has been confirmed to trick your buds from eating spicy foods.

How The Color Of Your Candy Affects Your Taste Buds:

From research and feasibility study, it is important to know that candies with multi-colors will help to tame your buds better than the ordinary options. If you are looking for the best way to reduce cravings and increase your willpower, simply turn to Dr. Oz tested and proven techniques. You are sure to overcome your cravings, over and over again.


In a nutshell, your really craving is all about sweet foods. Through your willpower, you are sure to overcome cravings easily.

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