Dr. Oz: What Kind Of Burger Should You Eat?

Dr Oz’s Best Burger for Your Body Type

When it comes to burgers, there are different types even if you don’t eat meat, it’s what’s between the buns that matters. Dr. Oz reveals the best type of burger for your body type, he shared 3 options explaining why Bison, Salmon, or Lean Beef could help, and which topping is best for each.

dr oz best burger for your body typeDr Oz: Bison Burger for Big Bottom (Subcutaneous fat)

Subcutaneous fat is less dangerous but it has a less blood flow which makes it harder or your body to get rid of it. If you have a big hips or thighs, Dr. Oz recommends Bison burger with a low fat patty as it will keep you from adding more fat. The recommended toppings in this case is 2% Cheddar cheese or any low fat cheese with calcium as that will help fat cells in your body to keep fat away.

Dr Oz: Salmon Burger for Big Belly (Visceral fat)

If you have weight around your stomach, this is visceral fat. This fat can lead to diabetes, heart disease and cancer, in addition to higher level of cortisol stress hormone that makes you store more fat. For this body type, Dr. Oz recommends Salmon burger with no bun. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 and it will help fight cortisol. Dr. Oz recommends using lettuce instead of bun as that will prevent sugar spikes that messes with the metabolism for people who store weight in the middle.

As an extra bonus: add avocado as a topping for anti-inflammatory health benefits.

Dr Oz: Lean Beef Burger for Big all Over body type

If you have a big all over body fat (shoulders, waist and hips), this can cause thyroid problems. Dr. Oz recommends Lean beef burger as the best burger for this body type.

Lean beef burger is rich in mineral selenium which is good for people with an under active thyroid. Do not add any condiments, instead use sauteed mushrooms as they contain iodine which is also good for thyroid.

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